OOTD :: of a time for trousers

september 23

september 23

september 23

Well, my friends, the tide has turned.

I woke up this weekend and decided I’m done with skinnies for a while.

You see, I’ve been marathoning Suits to clear out my DVR for the new fall season, and it made me feel like channeling my inner corporate maven. And then the weather turned cooler. And then my Phillip Lim top came in the mail.

All these factors conspired against me, compelling me to rummage the depths of my closet for something more professional than I’ve been wearing previously. So guess what I decided to do for this week’s theme?

It’s Trouser Time!

There’s something so classy and sophisticated about a pair of well-fitting trou’. I like them slim in hip and thigh but gently flaring at the ankle. This type of cut gives me the illusion of height, which we all know I need.

And even though wearing trousers always makes me feel like a grownup, I’m still 28 at heart. So I stopped short of donning a true corporate uniform and paired the staid pants with a super-fun over-sized top.

Speaking of the top, I love how the print is so striking on its own that it really needs nothing to make it pop. I think even jewelry is unnecessary, and a cardi or blazer would be a travesty. This is one instance when two layers is enough, thank you very much.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Phillip Lim @ Target
Trousers – NY&Co. (similar)
Shoes – Madden Girl (similar)

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3 thoughts on “OOTD :: of a time for trousers

  1. […] I did a search on myself and found only one instance of my wearing the top. For shame, […]

  2. You got the Phillip Lim top! I wanted to get it but I guess I wasn’t fast enough.

  3. jenortega says:

    Yay, you with your two layers. I do like this outfit, and I LOVE trouser week.

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