What I bought :: September 2013

This is a difficult post to compose because, as of this writing, I still have several orders that have yet to come in the mail. Which begs the question: if I buy items in one month but don’t actually receive them until the next, which budget do they fall under?

Eh, who am I kidding? These are all September purchases and boy, howdy! Did I go over budget! The Gwynnie Bee dress alone took out a huge chunk. I’m consoling myself with the thought that I’ll probably be returning the NY&Co. haul.

(Note: I’d received my Old Navy haul Thursday and am returning 3/4 of that this weekend. Still debating on the owl sweater – might be to twee?)

Also, I dunno if I should count lipsticks and underthings as part of my clothing budget because they’re necessities, right? Like toothpaste and feminine products?

And what about the purses? Are they part of clothing budget or should I have a separate accessory kitty? Argh. Being good is so hard!

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One thought on “What I bought :: September 2013

  1. Anna P says:

    I like the owl sweater, polka dot scarf, necklace and you can never have too many camis : )

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