OOTD :: of Day 4 and indecision borne of plenty

october 3

october 3

october 3

october 3

october 3

Today, I’m supposed to wear my favorite garment.

And that’s a bit of a tall order because I’m a) fickle, b) indecisive, and c) the owner of a vast closet whose depths have yet to be explored. Sometimes, “favorite” means the flavor of the month. Sometimes, it means what’s cleanest. More often than not, it means whatever piece doesn’t require time and a heavy-grade bulldozer to access.

For this blog entry, I shall interpret “favorite” to mean an item of clothing that I liked so much, I invested in three different colors of it: this navy, a white and a yellow. I know. Crazy, right? And I even bought all of them full price.

The mighty trifecta have become my go-to pieces when I want to feel pretty and effortless. I used up precious real estate in my suitcase when I brought the navy one with me to Yale. I’ve worn the yellow twice to work and once to my godson’s baptism. And now that I’ve figured out a way to have them transcend seasons, you can bet I’ll be using them even more.

Because throwing on a cardi makes this look less summery and more transitional. And of course, nothing signals fall better than a pair of knee-high boots. I’m thoroughly pleased with this discovery and now it makes sense that these dresses comprise my favorite garment. Not only are they season-less, they also skim over my belly, show off my gams, and overall make me feel like a million bucks.

Awesome sauce.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Merona @ Target (other colors)
Cardi – NY&Co. (similar)
Necklace – NY&Co. (similar)
Boots – so old I can’t even figure out the label (similar)

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3 thoughts on “OOTD :: of Day 4 and indecision borne of plenty

  1. […] because I’ve worn it – or iterations of it – multiple times (here, here and here). And I think I love it so much because, next to rock and roll, I feel most confident in the […]

  2. jenortega says:

    You looked great today!

  3. alicecaboni says:

    really nice blog 🙂 Keep doing so!
    Don’t mind checkin out my italian fashion blog 🙂 !

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