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OOTD :: of Day 5 and embarrassing impossibilities

october 4

october 4

october 4

october 4

The garment I wear the most frequently has got to be my F21 jeans.

I own two pairs in dark denim, two in black and two in grey . All the same exact jeans. And they’re the ones I grab first when I’m at a loss for an outfit and I need a solid base.

Call them my comfort clothes. I love them to pieces.

And what’s not to love? They conform to my legs without sag or bag around knees or ankles, but they’re not so tight that they give me camel toe or make me look indecently age inappropriate. The length is just right – not too long so it takes multiple rolls and therefore creates bulk when I want capris, and not too short so I can’t wear them as is with ankle booties.

Best of all, the price is perfect. Miraculous even. You ready for this? They cost me a whopping $10.20 a piece. I know, right?!

The only thing that keeps them from being a holy grail item is that they’re low rise jeans and therefore tend to give me the dreaded muffin, meaning I can only really wear them with looser, more unstructured tops. But that’s okay, since the majority of my tops tend to be looser and more unstructured anyway.

Today, I’m playing with the denim-on-denim trend, something I was loathe to do because it felt either too country western or too kindergarten teacher for me. (No offense to country western folks or kindergarten teachers – I love you all to pieces but your aesthetic just isn’t my thing.)

But then I got a better feel for the vibe and decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon, if only to challenge my sartorial self. Here’s hoping I got it right, but then again, I don’t think you can go wrong with skinnies, chambray and boat shoes. Très preppy, n’est-ce pas?

Sadly, when I went on F21’s site to grab a link for you all, I found that they don’t carry my jeans any more. At least, I didn’t see any in the price point I’m used to. There are similar pairs for less or more, but I’m leery of buying them online for fear that they won’t be the exact same pair.

Guess I’m gonna have to baby the pairs I’ve got so they don’t disintegrate before I find their replacements.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Jeans  – F21
Necklace – Target
Shoes – Croft & Barrow @ Kohl’s

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