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What’s in my cart :: Fall ’13 @ Target

I’m not even gonna bother justifying it.

Let’s just say one of my hobbies is trawling the Target website. I’m especially vulnerable late at night when I’ve emptied out my DVR but am too wired to go to sleep.

But this time, I am practicing self-control and fiscal responsibility by not clicking on the “checkout” button. Instead, I regale you with my cart in the hopes that some enterprising soul is spending the weekend online and is willing to help talk me out of another obscene amount of spending by using carefully curated words of persuasion.

  1. Merona Oxford blazer in Fandango Pink – because pop of color and I’m always green with envy when BFF wears hers
  2. Merona Oxford blazer in White Dot – because polka dots make me smile
  3. Merona Oxford blazer in Navy Plaid – because I’m a sucker for plaid
  4. Merona Oxford blazer in Houndstooth – because it’s a classic print
  5. Merona ruffled peplum blazer in Neverland Green – because I don’t own a lot of green and I like the Victorian vibe
  6. Merona printed blouse in Red – because KS#2 said this was better than #7
  7. Merona printed blouse in Floral – because one of my fave bloggers showcased it and I got the case of the gimmes
  8. Merona pencil skirt in Brown – because I can’t get enough of animal print and this one’s classier than mine
  9. Merona pencil skirt in Athens Blue – because there’s something compelling about this print
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