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5 Things :: of Day 6 and what I’m flaunting

How fun! Today’s TPP challenge asks for at least five things I’d celebrate about my figure if I were frozen with the current me for all time.

Five things…It’s like you’re getting two features for the price of one today. Here, then, is my list in no particular order:

  1. Ankles – One never thinks of it until one is feeling desolately bloaty one day and needs an instant gratification pick-me-upper. My slim ankles make me feel dainty and feminine even on days when the red tide comes a-callin’.
  2. Calves – Although I am a sporadic runner at best, I am still genetically predisposed to these awesomely cut calves, if I do say so myself. I still remember an old high school beau who called all his football buddies over, told me to stand on my tiptoes, and then proceeded to show them off. Heh. They do look mighty fine when I wear heels.
  3. Hair – I hate when my husband is right, but I must admit that I love its current length. I’m also thankful for its thickness and texture. Together, they make a magical combination that allows me to maintain my night shower routine, go to bed with damp hair then wake up with little more to do than scrunch it with Fructis Surf Hair for a get-up-and-go style.
  4. Skin – Particularly my face. People are always commenting on its smoothness and porelessness so I should celebrate this fact, especially since I’m guessing that’s high praise for someone over 40 to receive. I have a very strict, if affordable, skin regimen that has stood me in good stead for the past five years so I won’t fix what ain’t broke.
  5. Shoulders – For all that I whinge incessantly about having linebacker shoulders or the wingspan of a pterodactyl, I do like the way they jut out and make blazers sit perfectly square and powerful on my 5-foot-nothing frame.

Join me in my Thirty Pretty Projects journey!

And because that’s just way too much text without a picture or three to liven it up, here’s a collage of what happens to my house when my Halloween-obsessed bro-in-law fires up my kids and their creativity.

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