OOTD :: of Day 8 and admiration

october 8

october 8

october 8

Lisa Marin is my boss.

But she’s also one of my style icons.

There’s just something so classy and effortless about her and her style. And I’m not the only one who thinks this. I’ve been asked numerous times by various students if Ms. Marin “has ever been a model”, and even though she denies it, I’d bet money she’s been involved in some sort of activity or another that took advantage of her natural elegance.

Another thing I admire about Lisa is her willingness to be diverse in her sartorial choices. One day, she’ll be sporting a chic Ann Taylor sleeveless sheath then she’ll be in an androgynous suit the next. She and I also struggle with foot problems and share the unending quest for stylish yet comfortable shoes. I think she has me beat by a mile in that regard.

When I grow up, I wanna be Lisa Marin.

lisa marin

In the meantime, then, I’m going for my version of classy chic. The pants were the foundation of this outfit because of its fluid drape à la Kate Hepburn. The shoes came next since the length of the slacks determined I wear a specific heel height or I’d risk looking like Urkel.

Initially, I’d opted for peep toes in the exact same color as the slacks for a monochrome look but after a miserable, albeit revealing, photo shoot at home, I realized the rest of the outfit didn’t feel right and I decided to scrap the initial look.

I went back into my closet and pondered “classy chic”, then metaphorically did a facepalm – of course! Coco Chanel! The rest, my friends, is history. My only regret is that the cardi I’m wearing is so two seasons ago and now I can’t find a suitable similar piece to link to. But I’m sure you all can replicate this look with slacks and a collarless blazer/cardi of your choice.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – tobi
Cardi – F21
Pants  – NY&Co. (color available in tall only)
Shoes – Janine @ Payless

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