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OOTD :: of Day 10 and evolution

october 10

october 10

october 10

Today’s challenge gave me serious pause.

Normally, I can tackle any prompt head on, typing away and flinging words on the screen, hoping something sticks. But an aspect of my style that is most evolved?

Shoot. No clue.

I guess I should start by deconstructing the question. Evolution of style. Evolution. Change over time. So, what aspect of my style has changed over time?

Hmmm…I guess, if I had to pinpoint something, it would be accessorizing and the adoption of the three layers concept. Before blogging, I’d buy a piece and have it be the centerpiece of the outfit; I didn’t know then that I could – and more often than not, should – wear it with something else. I thought the piece could stand on its own without embellishment, but I was always left dissatisfied with the look, no matter how special or how unique the piece was.

Now I know the reason behind that dissatisfaction. I realize now that a single necklace or scarf or printed shoe can definitely make a difference. And a completer piece like a cardi or a blazer or a utility vest can elevate a look from ho-hum to va-voom. Accessories just make you look so put together, like you spent time being thoughtful and deliberate with your outfit choices.

I think readers appreciate this and I know I feel a lot more pleased with the results of my creations. And I’m grateful to blogging and style bloggers everywhere for making this epiphany possible.

I sound like I’m accepting an Oscar.


Today, I highlight the beauty of using a simple accessory. In the past, I would’ve simply worn this sweater and hoped it stood on its own because of its specialness, it being grandly oversized and fuzzy and all. But leaving it as is would’ve diminished the look at the very least or made me seem as if I didn’t care at the worst. So I added a multicolored scarf for visual whimsy (Doctor Who, anyone?), chose a boot with texture – Look at the ruching! Admire the snakeskin! – and threw on a coat (or is it a jacket?) for warmth and to emphasize that third layer thing.

Lemme hear you make some noise for accessories! Woot-woot!

The evolution of an outfit

The evolution of an outfit

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Sweater – H&M (similar)
Pants  – H&M
Scarf – F21
Coat – Merona @ Target
Boots – Fergalicious Errand (similar)

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