HGB :: Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks

puffsI have not been this sick for this long since my youth.

I have a suspicion as to why this is but it’s personal so let’s just leave it at “I’m stressed” and move on.

Now when I’m sick, I go through several stages: First, is denial. I take loads of Airborne and go about my business, ignoring the scratchy throat and the heaviness I feel in my limbs.

Second is resignation. I succumb to the runny nose, I ingest throat lozenges like candy, and I dose myself with Nyquil every night, waiting for Day 3 because that’s how many days it really only takes before I get better.

After Day 2, if I’m not better, which is rare but still happens, like right now, I reach the whiny stage. At this point, I seriously consider taking a day off and wasting one of my sick days on actually being sick. I wear my warmest, most practical clothes to snuggle in. And I tote around a box of my most recent and most amazing discovery to date: Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks.

Have any of you tried this most magical thing? Each sheet is silky soft, luxurious, and practically bathing in the essence of pure Vicks mentholatum goodness. Putting the box to my nose and inhaling deeply not only clears up my nasal passages, it also brings me back to my youth, when my mom would rub the actual gel on my chest and upper lip, bundle me up with a bandana around my neck, and force me to go to sleep like a Vicks-infused burrito.

Ah, good times!

Nowadays, since I have to go to work and since most people do not agree with me on the awesomeness that is Vicks and its redolent aroma, I have to get it any way I can. And Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks is God’s way of telling me that I can have my cake and eat it too.

Go ahead, sickness – do your worst! I’m armed and ready for battle!

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3 thoughts on “HGB :: Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Sigh. You people. ;p

  2. jenortega says:

    Lol! I thought she bundled you up with a banana around your neck for a second. I thought, Must be a Soriente thing ; )

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