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5 Things :: what I need when I’m sick

Continuing the theme from yesterday, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, today I give you 5 things that make me feel better when I’m under the weather.

  1. Arroz Caldo – Looks so easy to make and I have most of the ingredients at home, but it requires fresh, raw ginger root which requires a trip to the store and I’m at the whiny stage, remember? So I want someone to go to the store for me and make this for me and baby me back to health.
  2. Calamansi juice – Thank goodness for Filipino TAs who provide me with the fruit. I’ve had a pitcher of this going for the past four days, but I’m running low. I’m hoping to twist the hubby’s arm and get him to find then plant me a calamansi fruit tree of my very own.
  3. Scarves – Preferably the warm, wooly, long-enough-to-wrap-wround-my-neck-three-times variety. Even when the weather flirts with the 80s, when I’m sick, I like the weight and the warmth around my neck. It’s comforting and fools my body into thinking it’s getting hugs, which we can always use when we’re feeling icky.
  4. Tea – Specifically Japanese and/or Chinese ones
  5. Sleep – Please? A good, uninterrupted eight hours for five consecutive days? Is that possible?


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