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OOTD :: of Day 15 and my favorite color

october 14

october 14

october 14

Asking for my favorite color is asking the impossible.

I think I must overthink it: I mean, favorite color how? To wear? To look at? To decorate my house with?


Clearly, the answer varies depending on the circumstance, and even when you specify the circumstance – in this case, to wear – sometimes there are subcategories within. My favorite color to wear depends on the weather, the genre, my mood, whether it’s a waxing or waning moon…

Okay, so I’m being cheeky. Can you tell this question bothers me? I’m just not that decisive of a person. Nor do I have strong convictions about much of anything. I just can’t commit to a single favorite color.

In the spirit of cheekiness, then, I give you my favorite color: plaid.

The foundation of this outfit are the Washborn trousers. I’d found them on sale when I was jonesing for plaid pants one day, and these were the only ones within my price point that didn’t make me look like a golfer. From here, it was simple to put the ensemble together – red shirt and camel blazer to pick up these colors in the plaid.

Note: Initially, the third layer was a camel cardi, but the button up I’ve got is of sterner stuff, and I don’t know about you but I don’t like the look of bunchy fabric under thin cotton. The blazer’s structure helps tame the stiffness of the shirt.

I could’ve left well enough alone, or thrown a necklace on for that added oomph, but I was feeling audacious and decided to play with plaid on plaid. It may not be as cold as it should to warrant the scarf, but it sure does look fun.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Converse @ Target (similar)
Blazer  – Banana Republic @ eBay
Pants – Washborn @ Karmaloop
Boots – Hive & Honey (similar)
Scarf – Burberry (similar)

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