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OOTD :: of Day 17 and neutrals

october 16

october 16

october 16

october 16

Doing an entire outfit in nothing but neutrals got nothing but yawns out of me.

Sure, black and white are neutrals. And sure, they’re my go-tos. But maybe that’s what made me wrinkle my nose in disappointment when I read today’s challenge. Sometimes, a gal’s gotta deviate from the go-tos to get her through the day.

Then I read further into the prompt and realized Sally had listed other colors as neutrals. Ones I’d not really thought of as such. Navy. Olive green. Tan. Grey. And she said that three neutrals to an outfit make a good mix. I decided to take this to heart and thus you have today’s outfit.

I fell in love with this snakeskin print top when I first saw it, but $32 for a sheer top seemed a bit too dear. Plus, I knew that Old Navy would have a sale if I waited long enough. Sure enough, my patience was rewarded the other day and I was able to snag it for half the retail price.

I knew I wanted it to be the foundation for this ensemble, if only to belay the boredom of neutrals thanks to the fun print. But when I started thinking beyond the basics of white and black, I found myself having fun. I decided I wanted a safari feel, thus the olive jeggings and the utility jacket.

NOTE: This top is long enough that I don’t feel too self-conscious about it, but in general, I do advise against wearing leggings as pants. I can get away with this pair because they’re technically “jeggings”, but they are a bit too bodycon for me to wear these with anything besides bum-covering attire. The double threat of oversized top and jacket helps avoid a fashion faux pas.

I knew I didn’t want a black shoe because black felt too harsh against my more muted neutrals, but I didn’t think of my cowboy boots at all until they literally fell into my lap when I was trying to access a pair of grey moto boots. I took a chance with them ended up liking the vibe and decided to go for it.

I may be mixing my fashion genres, but I guess that’s better than mixing metaphors.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Leggings  – Simply Vera @ Kohl’s (different color)
Jacket – Conversation Pieces
oots – Ariat (similar)
Bag – Longchamp Le Pliage

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