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OOTD :: of Day 19 and black and white

october 18

october 18

october 18

october 18

Today’s challenge is all about wearing the dominant color in my closet.

Another almost impossibility for me to discern because I’ve actually made a concentrated effort to have the color wheel equally represented in my closet. But, if I had to do an actual count, I’d say black is the most dominant color in my closet, followed neck-and-neck by white.

Yes, I understand that neither one is an actual color, but whaddaya gonna do?

Anyhow, since I’ve been doing a lot of all black ensembles and since I never was ever able to pull off the head-to-toe white look, I give you the dynamic duo in action.

I don’t know about you but when I think of a black and white pairing, I think either polka dots or herringbone or houndstooth. I guess we know what won out today.

This dress has all kinds of awesome going for it: a) a really bold, unmistakable houndstooth, b) that 60s mod/shift construction which we all know is super flattering on me, and c) a whopping ten-dollar price tag. What’s not to love?!

Because the pattern is already so in-your-face, I chose simple accessories to showcase it. I purposely threw on a fun boyfriend cardi and captoe flats to make the outfit more casual and more apropos for a Friday outfit, but I couldn’t resist the gold chain necklace and bangle because I guess I’m just a flamboyant fashionista at heart.

october 18

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – H&M (similar)
Cardi – F21 (similar)
Necklace – NY&Co.
Claire @ Payless

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