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WIT :: of Day 21 and 7 questions

So I know I promised Sally I wouldn’t reveal too much of her TPP content. After all, it’d be a lose-lose on both our parts: I paid for it so shouldn’t be giving it away for free, and she’d be cheated out of potential revenue if I did give it away for free.

Still, I don’t think it’d hurt just this once. It’s Saturday, and I’m probably hiking up Mt. Baldy as you read this and I know I’ll be too exhausted when I get back to be coherent. And you’d be too exhausted reading content I’d write incoherently.

So for the sake of our collective sanity, here’s a Q&A for you:

­Q: Looking back at the photos you took, which outfit was the most successful?
A: If comments and public opinion are to be believed, then the Challenging Color outfit was. But I personally felt most comfortable and therefore most successful in my Neutrals outfit.

Q: Do you wear your favorite color frequently? If not, why not? How could you incorporate it into your looks more often? Accessories? Jackets? Jewelry? Shoes?
A: I would wear more plaid if it weren’t so bloody warm in So. Cal most of the time. Plaid just seems a fall/winter color, no? But I could definitely see myself investing in some plaid flats.

Q: Was it more challenging to do a mix of neutrals or a mix of all colors?
A: Neutrals. For sure.

Q: How does dressing in color make you feel?
A: Happy. Vibrant. Me.

Q: How does dressing in neutrals make you feel?
A: Like a poseur. I know I said I felt most comfortable in my neutrals outfit but I think that had more to do with the items themselves – leggings, boots, oversized top – than the colors. Wearing neutrals makes me feel like a different person and not necessarily in a good way.

Q: Which do you prefer and why?
A: Clearly, dressing in color.

Q: When you wear color, does it feel more comfortable to wear it as accents like shoes or bags? If so, what about wearing lots of color feels challenging?
A: Wearing color comes very naturally to me. I guess that’s because I’m so open to experimenting and am of that age where my inhibitions are practically nonexistent. The only challenge with wearing color is coming up with new combinations so I won’t go stale.

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