OOTD :: of Day 27 and necklaces

october 25

october 25

october 25

Actually, it’s supposed to be Bracelet Day.

But because I think I overloaded on bracelets already this week (see here and here), I decided to skip that TPP challenge and jump ahead to necklaces.

So anyhow, here’s a little history about this outfit: It was one of the firsts I’d put together purposely to dupe a look I’d found on Pinterest. (This was during the time I was religiously following Wendy’s Lookbook, long before my pocketbook screamed “Uncle!” and I had to regretfully delete her from my subscription rotation.)

Because I was a n00b in the style world, I did the n00b thing and tried to duplicate everything from the inspiration instead of simply being inspired by it. Thus ensued a mad hunt for the perfect tweed jacket, chambray shirt and harem pants. The pants I just bought outright from Wendy’s link; the jacket was the third eBay purchase that finally fit the bill, even if the sleeves were too short; the chambray shirt was from Old Navy, of course.

Then I put it all together and, predictably, it didn’t look right at all. I was completely unhappy with the way it all played out. The older, wiser me of now would’ve told the younger, naive me of then that my unhappiness was inevitable: I wanted to look exactly like Wendy, right down to how the clothes fit, but this was of course an impossibility since we have vastly different body types.

Needless to say, after wearing the entire outfit for one day, I relegated both jacket and pants to the back of my closet. I got some use out of the chambray shirt at least, but the former two pieces have haunted me ever since. It had been such a chore to find them which made my disappointment in them all the sharper. I never thought to try either out in another ensemble; I was that upset.

Fast forward to today. I’m a bit thinner. My hair’s a lot longer. My sense of accessorizing is keener. And I decided to give it ye old college try one more time. And wouldn’t you know – I actually like this iteration. It could be a combination of any of the aforementioned three factors, but I’m not gonna overthink this. I’m just happy I didn’t cull the jacket or the harem pants.

Even if my hubs keeps singing “Hammer Time” every time I pass by.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Jacket  – eBay
Shirt – Old Navy
Pants – Splendid (similar)
Necklaces – Payless (similar) and Kohl’s (similar)
Boots – Fioni Koko @ Payless

Join me in my Thirty Pretty Projects journey!

And because yesterday’s shots were so sub-par, I give you extra today. Because you deserve it.

october 25

october 25

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3 thoughts on “OOTD :: of Day 27 and necklaces

  1. jenortega says:

    So, so cute!

  2. lovelyjandl says:

    cute jacket.

  3. afternoonlattes says:

    lovely post! please check out my blog! http://afternoonlattes.wordpress.com

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