What I bought :: October 2013

Watch me for brilliant Ten eye candy.

I overspent.

My budget is officially blown.

I tried thinking of what to return but I love them all. And I’ve committed to most of them by ripping the tags off.

Actually, all is not lost. I have starred and bolded the items that are still returnable. If you happen to have time and care about me and the health and well-being of my pocketbook, I’d sure appreciate some feedback regarding which should stay and which should go.

  1. Desigual scarf **
  2. Janine pump in black, blue, nude, berry **, orange**
  3. Chiffon shirt in tan snake
  4. Utility jacket
  5. Zahava dress
  6. Old Navy vest
  7. Guess leather jacket @ TJMaxx
  8. Threadless Dr. Who hoodie
  9. Merona blazer in pink, red** and navy**
  10. Merona leopard pencil skirt**
  11. Merona Athens blue pencil skirt**
  12. Aeropostale boyfriend jeans
  13. Cosmopolitan OTK boots
  14. Call It Spring boots
  15. Cosmopolitan peep toe booties**
  16. F21 boyfriend cardi in olive
  17. F21 burgundy cardi
  18. F21 ribbed fur jacket
  19. H&M haul** – blazer in black, black striped and beige; patterned kimono; waxed pants; bunny sweatshirt
  20. eBay scarf
  21. H&M bangles, chain bracelet, dog bracelet, clutch bag, Lucite necklace
  22. Payless Karmen pumps in red
  23. Payless Fioni Koko booties
  24. $25 at thrift store
  25. Payless gold chain necklace, gold knot necklace
  26. jcp pearl necklace, gold chain necklace, colorful bauble necklace

3 thoughts on “What I bought :: October 2013

  1. jenortega says:

    Eek! I wish you’d told me! I would have discouraged you from the other purchases we made together : /

  2. 3-5&10 could live without. Maybe select one of the 3 merona blazers? The pink one. I’d keep all that H&M stuff. The shoes and boots you know what you need and feel good.

  3. ikeeper12 says:

    DO NOT get rid of the patterned kimono from the H&M haul!

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