5 Things :: Spirit Week

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you the following announcement:

Spirit Week will commence tomorrow and therefore, in the spirit of being spirited, style and fashion must take a back seat. I shall attempt to minimize the ludicrousness but I can’t promise anything.

Below are the planned themes so you can prep yourselves for the mayhem:

  • Monday – Black and Orange
  • Tuesday – Old People (ASB’s verbiage. Not mine. I would’ve said Venerably Vintage myself.)
  • Wednesday – Crazy Hair
  • Thursday – Halloween! Costume Day
  • Friday – Dia de Los Mertos

Before things go wack, however, I present for your consideration the superfun outfit I concocted for BFF’s murder mystery party held yesterday. It was a 50s themed affair and how absolutely serendipitous – there’s that word again! – that my Gwynnie Bee installment arrived Friday and was the perfect outfit for it!

october 27

october 27

october 27

october 27


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