OOTD :: of donkeys and floral fantasies

october 30

october 30

october 30

There are multiple times in my life when the fable about the man, his son and the donkey becomes acutely relevant.

A few days ago, one of the fashionistas who I’ve subscribed to and who I’d held in high regard apologized about falling prey to being that kind of “blogger who explains outfits to you as if you were blind”. Now, I’m sure she was being rather tongue-in-cheek, and I have stumbled upon posts from established bloggers with bazillion followers who do exactly that. After all, isn’t that why we read style blogs – to deconstruct outfits?

But I still felt a bit put out by this statement. I may not come from the world of fashion and I may not know the minutiae that determines the difference between a flare and a bootcut. I may have to do loads of research on color theory and I may refer to my What Not To Wear bible time and again for a refresher course.

I’m a neophyte at all this, sure, but I’d like to think I’ve established a skill set that has proven effective and engaging. And that skill set involves breaking down my outfits and explaining the methods to my madness.

At one point, inspired by Lisa @ Respect the Shoes, I’d attempted to do this juxtaposition of life rambling and fashion pics. That is, I decided to just write about random things without really mentioning the clothes I was wearing. Well, there ensued such a hue and cry – Okay, just KS#1. But she was quite emphatically against this blog approach – that I quickly abandoned that idea and went back to talking about the clothes.

I’m sure I’ll go through several more periods of pendulum swinging on this subject before I find myself and settle on something that makes me feel comfortable but also appeases my most vociferous readers. Until then, here’s hoping I always keep the man/son/donkey fable firmly in mind and just write what I wish on any given day. There really is no pleasing everybody all the time.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Sweater – Mac & Jac @ ideeli
Blazer – Tahari thrifted
Scarf – F21
Skirt – F21
Boots – Audrey Brooke @ DSW

P.S. Today was Crazy Hair Day, in case you’d forgotten and/or thought I frequently wear a plethora of flower hair clips just because.

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6 thoughts on “OOTD :: of donkeys and floral fantasies

  1. Kezzie says:

    Oh I always say something too- I like to talk about anything and everything and it would feel a bit incongruous not to mention it at all!!! Sometimes I say little and sometimes I say more! But I get what you are saying! This hat ensemble is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I love it!!!x

    • mtsedwards says:

      Tee hee! Ramblers of the blogoverse, unite! I’ve been feeling rather cheeky recently and just shooting from the hip with my commentary. I say to each his own, right?

      Thanks for the visit; hope you come again soon!

  2. stylecrone says:

    Ravishingly beautiful. The flower clips are very creative! I connect my style with what’s happening in my life and that works for me! Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Always a pleasure to join the grand dame of hats, Judith. Thanks muchly for stopping by – it is a pleasure and an honor.

  3. dapperdolly says:

    Interesting – I use both methods for different posts i.e. stick to the outfit on some and go off topic on others. But then I don’t have thousands of followers who follow me for a specific style. I’d say just go with what you feel works best for the post, it’s good to mention the clothes of course but sometimes you need to express a meaning behind them or why you wore them, what they remind you of etc.

    All the best.

    P.S that is one of the most magnificent head accessory creations/blends I’ve ever seen.

  4. jenortega says:

    Great crazy hair idea.

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