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HGB :: electric kettles


Whenever I read British novels – that is, novels written by Brits about Brits – invariably, someone will have to “put the kettle on”. This always seemed so romantic and resonated with my Anglophilial soul but I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it.

To my unschooled mind, a kettle can only look like this and is heated over the stove. I actually owned a kettle very similar and it took a long time to heat water. In the books, though, putting the kettle on seemed to take mere minutes, but I’d attributed this to creative license until I watched, of all things, an episode of Skins and saw one of the characters fiddling with an electric kettle.



I soon became obsessed with owning one, but at the time, I couldn’t justify buying one because I had yet to get into drinking tea regularly. But when I received my tea stirrer as a present, I knew the time had come. A quick browse through Amazon and I settled for the Sunbeam because it was the least expensive with relatively decent reviews.

(To address the negative comments: I never knew it came with a filter so I’ve had no issue; the cord is short but I just unplug it to pour so also not an issue; and I have yet to experience the automatic shut off failing. All’s good in my Sunbeam world. But if you don’t want to risk it, you can always find one suitable for your taste and lifestyle. I won’t mind.)

I’ve had my kettle for about a year now and it has become an invaluable part of my life. Whenever I feel peckish and go downstairs for a midnight snack, my kettle reminds me I can be good in a matter of minutes by having a cuppa with cream and honey which is infinitely more satisfying than that cupcake or chocolate bar.

I swear.

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