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OOTD :: of jewel-encrusted bunnies

november 4

november 4

november 4

november 4

I am playing hooky from work yet again.

But this time, it’s not so fun. The hubby got a new job and they’re giving him a work truck but he needed me to drive him to the office to go get it so I had to wake up at 4am and drive fifty miles into the heart of Orange County to do so.


I suppose I could’ve gone to work afterwards. But I’d already called in for a sub and wrote lesson plans, so why waste it?

My plans for the rest of the day include reading, napping, painting my nails, ironing my skirt for tomorrow, and perhaps doing a photo shoot for the rest of the week’s outfits so I won’t be so rushed about them like I normally am in the mornings.

By the way, we’re back to themed weeks since I’ve completed Sally’s Thirty Pretty Projects challenges. I know it’s not been thirty days, but I’d chosen to skip writing about the reflection days since they didn’t lend themselves to photos and we all know how important photos are to style blogs.

This week’s theme, then, was chosen for me by my precocious daughter so I present for your consideration: A Week of Bling.

We’ll start off fairly mildly with my jewel-encrusted bunny sweatshirt, so dubbed by said precocious daughter. It was an impulse buy from H&M since I needed an item to get me over the $50 hump for free ship. (I know, I know. Bad robot. But can you blame me?)

I didn’t think I’d end up liking it so much. It’s got such the perfect cut and weight and drape that I don’t feel shlumpy or slobby at all. So even though I’m pairing it with skinnies and Chucks – the ultimate in casual chic – I’m thinking I can totally get away with this ensemble at work. Am I right?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – H&M
Pants – H&M
Scarf – eBay
Shoes – Chuck Taylor All Stars

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