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OOTD :: of quantity vs. quality

november 7

november 7

november 7

At the risk of seeming as if I bite off everything Sally does, I must respond to one of her recent blog posts with one of my own.

When the post in question came pinging into my inbox, I found myself slowing down and actually digesting content rather than tasting. The original email, Sally’s response, and the subsequent chatter that ensued really resonated with me on so many different levels. So pardon me for deviating from my usual fluff to inject a philosophical post mid-week.

Has the “culture of pictures” changed the way I shop and dress? Honestly? No. I am not a picture poser. I’m the one reluctant to mug, the one who ducks behind tall people in group shots, the one who grabs the camera and offers to snap shots rather than be in them. I started this blog thinking I’d crop out my face in all my photos, that’s how reticent I was about having my picture taken.

However, do I feel the “pressure for having a wide variety of clothes”? Absolutely. Well, maybe not necessarily pressure; more like compulsion. I do it to myself. I like variety. I like novelty. I hate repeating things. I hardly repeat mistakes, lesson plans, or dinner recipes; I’m certainly not going to repeat outfits.

Does this compulsion make me “buy more and sometimes lesser quality”? You betcha. I am officially calling it now: I am a quantity, not quality girl. I voluntarily shop Target and Forever 21 and Old Navy as opposed to Nordstrom and J. Crew and Ann Taylor. Why? Firstly, because of aforementioned obsession with the new, and secondly because if I did go over to Team Quality, I’d impoverish my family.

By deliberately making this lifestyle choice, am I supporting sweatshops or consumerism or the wasteful culture of planned obsolescence? Perhaps inadvertently. I do plead ignorance, however; it’s only recently that I’ve been exposed to the idea of style with a conscience.

Will my burgeoning awareness change my approach to fashion and shopping? Ah, that’s the billion-dollar question which, frankly, I’m not equipped nor prepared to answer just quite yet.

In the meantime, enjoy the fruits of my consumerism by admiring today’s outfit: a thrifted skirt, a sweater and blazer that’s several seasons old but have only been worn once each, and a pair of tastefully blinged-out pumps. The color palette may be more reminiscent of spring rather than fall, but I’ve always been one to rock the boat. Besides, can’t we just name it “winter white” and call it a day?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Sweater – Isaac Mizrahi for Target (similar)
Blazer – Daily Look (similar)
Skirt – thrifted
Shoes – Janine @ Payless
Necklace – NY&Co.

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