5 Things :: what I wouldn’t mind spending $ on

‘Tis the season…for crazy sales, holiday Muzak and movies!

Yep, there’s something about the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder that makes me want to snuggle in and catch up on what Hollywood has to offer.

Of course, I’m now of that age and circumstance when I’d rather “wait for DVD” than haul myself out of the comfort of my sofa + widescreen TV and pay $20 a head at the theatres. But the following flicks have me all in a tizzy and I may just fork over some real dough to catch them as they were meant to be viewed.

  1. Ender’s Game
  2. Thor
  3. The Book Thief
  4. Catching Fire
  5. Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special
november 10

The week in review

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3 thoughts on “5 Things :: what I wouldn’t mind spending $ on

  1. lovelytl33 says:

    I totally spent $43 on three tickets to take my son and his friend to see Dr Who at a theater that is two hours from my house, which is the closest one that is showing it. I think I must be some kind of sick lunatic!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Lucky for me my kids don’t watch the Doctor so I get to watch the movie at home on BBC America. But it sure would’ve been nice if I had someone to geek over it with in front of the big screen. (You are not a sick lunatic.) ;p

  2. ikeeper12 says:

    It’s all about November 22nd
    I can’t wait!

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