HGB :: Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer


If there’s one criticism I have for this product, it’s the branding.

I mean, Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 15 for sensitive skin is just way too much of a mouthful to say. Heck, they barely got the darned name in its entirety printed on the bottle! No wonder they dropped their signature “Oil of” from the name. And forget about asking for it at your local Tarjay. I just take a picture of my empties and tote that with me to the store.

Other than that minor whinge, however, this is truly an HGB product and the second in the series of M’s daily routine. After the cleanse, I slather this sucker liberally on my face, my neck and especially on the decolletage. Never forget the upper regions, ladies! Those and hands are what shows signs of age the fastest and clearest in women.

I like this moisturizer because, like the Cetaphil, it’s greaseless and odorless. It absorbs on contact, making my face ready for makeup in the time it takes me to brush my teeth. And it provides protection from the sun to boot. I hear layering product with varying amounts of sunscreen is actually not effective, but don’t tell my skin that. This, coupled with the SPF 15 of my tinted moisturizer (next week’s HGB feature), seems to keep my 40+ skin in tip-top, wrinkle-less condition.

Another reason to wax ecstatic over this moisturizer is its price point/usage ratio. Initially, shelling out over $8 at the drugstore for lotion seems excessive, especially if you’re a penny pincher like me. But you really only need a dollop the size of a dime to do your entire face and neck and upper regions, and that’s me with the alligator-dry skin talking. If you’re not as prone to dryness, you may end up using even less. That said, a 4-oz. bottle lasts me a good four months.

Good deal, wot?


7 thoughts on “HGB :: Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer

  1. […] you recall from the last time, we had just finished cleansing our face and prepping it for product. (There’s that royal “we” again. Will I never learn?) And now […]

  2. My mom uses the non-SPF version of that moisturizer religiously and has for years. She started me on Olay products from way back when – today I still use the Olay Total Effects moisturizer as my daily product. I love their products – and their prices!

  3. lovelytl33 says:

    I use that on my hands and the Regenerest on my face and neck. It works so well! I love that it’s in my price range and I don’t have to take out a mortgage for skin care.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Regenerist? I was thinking of trying that. You recommend?

      • lovelytl33 says:

        I absolutely recommend it! I lost a bunch of weight and my neck was beginning to look like a turkey wattle. I used that and my neck looks young again, the skin across my cheekbones tightened up and my jawline looks taut. Not even any forehead wrinkles! Its my little jar o’ miracles!

        • mtsedwards says:

          Oh,I want a jar o’ miracles! Do you use the entire line or just certain products?

          • lovelytl33 says:

            I use the under eye roller-ball thing for days that I look tired, the regenerist at night and the okay complete on my hands (I fear age spots). I did buy the regenerist day cream with SPF 15, but during exercise it would run into my eyes and burn like fire no matter when I had put it on. Its greasier than the stuff in the jar. I did buy the night cream just to try it and I like it too, but if you want one jar for everything, the red regenerist jar is the way to go. Walgreens will have sales on it periodically.

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