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5 Things :: what kept me going

I remember giving this venture a good six months tops before I gave up.

We’re now coming up on month eleven and it hasn’t gotten tedious yet. I think this is because I’m in constant flux, trying new things and improving on old ones. And we all know what a novelty whore I am. So, as long as my brain is kept wheeling and twirling with blog revisions, I think its longevity is assured. For another six months at least.

Here, then, are the top 5 tweaks that I feel have not only kept me from throwing up my hands in boredom and giving up but have also made this blog a lot more professional/accessible.

  1. Bolding all links – This may not seem like a big deal, but I think it gives a subliminally seamless feel to the posts.
  2. Choosing to provide fewer links – When I made the decision not to sweat the rule of three when it came to coming up with shopping links, my life became that much easier.
  3. Finally settling into weekend features – After what felt like a schizophrenic several months, rotating between 5 Things, HGB and WIT really helps make the blog feel cohesive.
  4. Photoshop – I may not be an expert, but Paul the IT God showed me enough about curves and filters and my pictures have never looked better.
  5. Investing in ingenious gadgets – This will be an HGB feature in and of itself, but it bears mentioning here: the purchase of a case, a stand and a Kickstarter invention has truly revolutionized, not to mention streamlined, my blogging experience.
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