OOTD :: of multiple metamorphoses and noncommittal greens

The Piko top undergoes a schizophrenic episode.

Initially, it was styled like this:

november 22

And then I realized I’d already done the khaki/olive/forest green thing this week, and you all know how I hate being derivative. Even of myself.

So, at the eleventh hour, and battling cloud cover and imminent rain, I hastily threw together this outfit and tried to get as decent shots as I could:

november 22

But I still wasn’t satisfied. My problem stems from the fact that the shade of green on this Piko top can’t commit. Is it a spring pastel? Is it a lighter shade of fall? Has it got warm overtones or cool? I was going dizzy then blind from the decision-making process. Throw in the bad lighting in my bathroom – seriously, I want a bathroom reno as my Christmas present – and you’ve got a recipe for desperation, my friends.

I actually finally gave up and put the darned thing up for sale on eBay. Although I am still a staunch supporter of Piko, I’m just not a fan of this color. If any of you are interested, just find me on eBay as “gama8898”. Or email me and we can bypass eBay altogether.

Anyhow, what outfit did I end up wearing today? Well, I couldn’t cheat and just scrap the whole Piko theme since I’ve been doing so well the rest of the week. Thank goodness my order for the green I really wanted (olive, baby!) came in yesterday and I styled it like this:

november 22

november 22

Whew! What a total cluster! But all’s well that ends well. Seeing the pics together like this makes me realize I like all iterations of this top, just not with that spring green mess. So don’t be surprised if I end up redoing the first two on another day only with the olive.

Anyhow, it’s Friday and I survived wardrobe malfunctions and next week is Thanksgiving break. I’d say that’s much cause for celebration, don’t you?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Piko
Jacket – Guess @ Ross (similar)
Skinnies – F21
Boots – Charlotte Russe (similar)
Scarf – Old Navy

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3 thoughts on “OOTD :: of multiple metamorphoses and noncommittal greens

  1. xolovemishaxo says:

    so cute!

  2. jenortega says:

    I think the olive piko may be my first piko purchase. Where does that word come from? It makes me think of Pikachu!

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