5 Things :: of DOCTOR WHO!!!

Yep, I’m deviating from protocol because today is

The Day of the Doctor


And if you think I’d miss out on celebrating this, you don’t know me very well.

Here, then, in no particular order, are my top 5 choices of best Nu Who episodes. These are my personal choices but I totally agree with Audrey Fox‘s opinions and she articulates so much better than I could, so I’m linking her articles and giving credit where credit is due.

  1. Blink
  2. The Girl in the Fireplace
  3. Vincent and the Doctor
  4. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
  5. Midnight

And now, allons-y! I may be too old to drive and see it in a theatre, but I’ve got a date with  BBC America and my 60-inch flat screen at 11:50. Come join me. I’ll be the geek wearing the bow tie and clutching my sonic screwdriver.

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7 thoughts on “5 Things :: of DOCTOR WHO!!!

  1. Selah says:

    So, that was awesome! I even made a TARDIS sheet cake to snack on while we watched. 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      I was tearing up and waving my screwdriver at the screen. I’m no words and all feels right now. Can’t wait for Christmas!

  2. lovelytl33 says:

    Hello Sweetheart, You absolutely cannot in any way tell me what happens! No spoilers! I don’t get to see it until Monday when I take Robin and his girlfriend to the theatre. I am desperately trying to finish Season seven so I will be caught up and I won’t incur the wrath of a sixteen year old Dr. Whovian. I fell asleep halfway through the second half of the seventh series last night. I struggled desperately to stay awake, and I did until about six this morning, and finally I succumbed to my ridiculous human body and fell asleep. Now my sleep schedule is all wibbly wobbly timey wimey off, but I will regenerate and pick up where I left off. Alonzy! and Geronimo!

    • mtsedwards says:

      THERESA!!! It was AMAZING! BRILLIANT! COOL! Gonna watch it again. And again. And again. And Series 9 will be phenomenal! Trust. Hurry up and watch it so we can fangirl squee! Oh, my stars and garters!

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