WIT :: of being verklempt and rediscovering old friends

Still overcome by the awesomeness that was The Day of the Doctor.

Had forgotten how all-consuming, how positively breath-taking a Moffat-written Doctor Who episode could be. Am reeling and may need a few days of recovery. So much for grading 15 essays every day of my break. I doubt I can concentrate on something so mundane/pedestrian/real while I’m still in the throes of Who magic.

Tennant. Smith. Hurt. Wowza!

Can’t wait for Christmas. I’m telling you now: I’m gonna sob – great big heaving sobs – when we bid adieu to Matt Smith.

Kinda incoherent right now so will stop here. Have a week in review, why doncha?

november 24

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2 thoughts on “WIT :: of being verklempt and rediscovering old friends

  1. jangrahammcmillen says:

    (Still catching up …!) Me too … it’s always a little dreary at the end of the season, or after a special. This was astonishing, I agree. I was a little disappointed in what was written for John Hurt. I see that he was The Doctor at his most desolated, but there were too few flashes of the essential manic kid-ness that our two previous incarnations have shown. As I write that, I realize that disappointment is bound to happen if one has expectations about the essential character of The Doctor. I should know better!
    I did love Wolf-Rose. Inspired!

    • mtsedwards says:

      I’m probably the worst Whovian because I’m so indiscriminate when it comes to what I like. I don’t really care about canon or continuity – I’m all about character development. And since I’m a Nu Whovian, I can only go by what I know about 9-11 and so, John Hurt’s character went a long way for me in explaining those three.

      Thank you for geeking out with me! ;p

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