OOTD :: of Whovian fashion week and the TARDIS

This week is Thanksgiving break and, for the first time in twelve years, we have the entire week off rather than just a long weekend.

This is good news for every aspect of my life except one: this blog.

Because when I’m on break, the only thing I want to do is wear the same sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans until someone mentions a funny smell and not before. And since it’s gonna be cold all week, chances are I won’t be leaving my house for extended amounts of time which means I won’t be smelling funny any time soon which means that I won’t be needing to change out of the same sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans.

So no need for OOTD features.

But I’m always one to see the silver lining, and I realized this week is the perfect opportunity to do what I’ve been thinking of doing but hadn’t had the pieces/weather/time to do. And on the heels of the Day of the Doctor, it’s just a fantastic/brilliant/cool idea, so why not?

This week, then, I present for your consideration: Dressing Up Doctor.

And what better way to start the week than by paying homage to that most iconic of Whovian trappings: the TARDIS.


Now, I’m talking about the ship itself, not the anthropomorphic manifestation from The Doctor’s Wife episode. I’d like to think that all the outfits I’ll be sporting this week are real-world enough for me to wear to work, so no costume-y stuff need apply. An outfit inspired by the phone box, then, means something fab and fun and sexy and blue.

TARDIS blue.

november 25

november 25

november 25

Now, lemme tell you, when I was planning this theme week last year, it was practically impossible to find a TARDIS blue dress that wasn’t too dressy or too frumpy or too printed. There was nothing on the racks and my usual online suspects came up with nada.

I finally found this beaut of a dress on eBay. I love how the tiers keep it from being too prom-like, and we all know my love affair with this particular neckline. Throw in a modest length and a tummy-camouflaging fabric and Bob’s your uncle. I had to make it mine. I’ve been itching to wear it since then but always got waylaid somehow. I’m glad I waited, though, because these cobalt pumps purchased this year really complete the look.

Pardon the implementation of the pea coat; it was 60 degrees with a wind chill factor that made it feel ten degrees cooler than that during this photo shoot. I threw it on in between shots to urge some warmth into my bones then realized it had a Jack Harkness vibe to it. Plus, it’s blue. Can you blame me for making it part of my TARDIS-influenced ensemble?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Ellen Tracy @ eBay
PumpsJanine @ Payless
Coat – Old Navy

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4 thoughts on “OOTD :: of Whovian fashion week and the TARDIS

  1. Excellent. Tardis blue … not sure exactly what shade that is, as I’ve only seen it on computer screens or our TV screen. But I trust your interpretation, and am happy to complement you on your lovely, celebratory choice. The Harkness coat makes it perfect. Dressing Up Doctor is a great idea and I will watch you with interest.
    Sartorially speaking, it’s fun to see blue again after all these blue-less winters. There are so many shades around … for a change! However, I’ve been on quest for a proper fit in a blue twill or wool blazer. No luck so far, but I persevere.
    Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for the inspiration.

    • mtsedwards says:

      LOL. I take great liberties with my interpretation of TARDIS blue because, depending on the Doctor, the shade changes.

      I agree with you on the plethora of blue out there; didn’t realize there had been such a dearth before. Lucky me, eh? I intend to own a TARDIS blue everything (tops, pants, accessories, etc.) by this season’s end!

      Happy Thanksgiving back at ya! ;p

  2. I can add nothing to the whole “Tardis” conversation but you do look lovely in that blue shade. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Having seen how editorial cobalt is, I am definitely investing in more blue pieces. The fact that it’s a TARDIS blue has nothing to do with it. And it’s okay that you can’t contribute to the convo – I knew I was taking a risk with my “love letter” to Doctor Who this week. It’s the clash of the style blogger and the geek in me. 😀

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well!

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