OOTD :: of Chris Eccleston and the 9th Doctor


november 27

november 27

november 27

They say you never forget your first Doctor. And for me, that was Chris Eccleston.

I don’t even remember what compelled me to follow the show upon its reboot. Perhaps I was into BBC America at the time and they were promoting it? Perhaps someone recommended it? I honestly can’t recall. What I do remember is that I fell hook, line and sinker, even after the underwhelming Rose episode (and the only reason I say “underwhelming” is because the baddies weren’t all that bad, iykwim).

Because I didn’t know any better and hadn’t watched previous shows or Doctor incarnations, Chris Eccleston really blew me away. He was strong and stern and commanding, and I’m betting he would’ve been my Doctor had his tenure been longer than a measly single series.

9’s style is also quite appealing to me: it’s a no-nonsense, non-anachronistic, uber-sleek look. Perfect for running from – and sometimes toward – danger. It’s also very easy to replicate, being the most androgynous of the three nu-Who Doctors. Find an olive green shirt (hello, Piko!) and some black leathers, and you’re all set. The neck bauble is more of a fashion conceit than part of a costume replication – 9 would never have worn accessories – but IRL, you know this outfit needed a bit o’ sumpin’-sumpin’ to make it look less severe.

I miss Chris Eccleston. I wish he’d stayed even just one more series in before leaving. I know I sobbed my eyes raw when he “died” and I was all set to hate this new replacement. This David Tennant.

How wrong I was…

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Piko
Jacket – H&M (similar)
Pants – YMI @ Tilly’s
Boots – Charlotte Russe (similar)
Necklace – Express

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2 thoughts on “OOTD :: of Chris Eccleston and the 9th Doctor

  1. […] Eccleston was best known sporting utilitarian olive green and black but I’d already cosplayed him once before and we all know how I hate being derivative. That said, I only own this one olive green top so it […]

  2. Salazar says:

    I’m stopping by from Literary Styling – love your Doctor Who outfits! This and Eleven might be my favorite, but then again I love everything Christopher Eccleston 😀

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