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OOTD :: of companions and Clara Osgood

My favorite companion of the Nu Whoverse has gotta be Donna Noble.

Perhaps she won me over with her feistiness. Or perhaps it’s because Catherine Tate’s casting caused so much uproar and divisiveness amongst fans and she ended up proving them all wrong. Or perhaps it was because I was tired of the Doctor getting so embroiled in romantic tension with his companions, and I needed the snarky level-headedness of someone who successfully maintained and made believable a platonic relationship with him instead.

Or perhaps it’s because she’s closer in age to me than the previous two and I could realistically live vicariously through her.


So of course I’d initially planned on a Donna-inspired outfit for companion day. But time passed and so did Donna, and I fell in love with the Ponds instead and then had to mourn their passing and now…well, now here we are.


Clara Oswin Osgood. The newest companion. The Impossible Girl. And although it’s too early to tell whether she’ll win my respect as Donna did or my heart as the Ponds had, Clara has managed to pique my curiousity. And I do love her sense of style.

Of all the companions in Nu Who, Clara seems the most real. She actually changes her clothes. At one point, we even see her with wet hair and a towel slung over her shoulders, making it seem like she truly lives in the TARDIS. Which is weird because she’s also the first companion who spends as much time in her daily life as she does traveling with the Doctor.

But this is not a Doctor Who blog; it’s a style blog. And to channel my inner Clara, I had to decide which of her outfits I could easily replicate. Can you guess which I chose?

november 26

november 26

november 26

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Jessica Simpson @ Ross
Blazer – H&M
Shoes – eBay

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OOTD :: of Whovian fashion week and the TARDIS

This week is Thanksgiving break and, for the first time in twelve years, we have the entire week off rather than just a long weekend.

This is good news for every aspect of my life except one: this blog.

Because when I’m on break, the only thing I want to do is wear the same sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans until someone mentions a funny smell and not before. And since it’s gonna be cold all week, chances are I won’t be leaving my house for extended amounts of time which means I won’t be smelling funny any time soon which means that I won’t be needing to change out of the same sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans.

So no need for OOTD features.

But I’m always one to see the silver lining, and I realized this week is the perfect opportunity to do what I’ve been thinking of doing but hadn’t had the pieces/weather/time to do. And on the heels of the Day of the Doctor, it’s just a fantastic/brilliant/cool idea, so why not?

This week, then, I present for your consideration: Dressing Up Doctor.

And what better way to start the week than by paying homage to that most iconic of Whovian trappings: the TARDIS.


Now, I’m talking about the ship itself, not the anthropomorphic manifestation from The Doctor’s Wife episode. I’d like to think that all the outfits I’ll be sporting this week are real-world enough for me to wear to work, so no costume-y stuff need apply. An outfit inspired by the phone box, then, means something fab and fun and sexy and blue.

TARDIS blue.

november 25

november 25

november 25

Now, lemme tell you, when I was planning this theme week last year, it was practically impossible to find a TARDIS blue dress that wasn’t too dressy or too frumpy or too printed. There was nothing on the racks and my usual online suspects came up with nada.

I finally found this beaut of a dress on eBay. I love how the tiers keep it from being too prom-like, and we all know my love affair with this particular neckline. Throw in a modest length and a tummy-camouflaging fabric and Bob’s your uncle. I had to make it mine. I’ve been itching to wear it since then but always got waylaid somehow. I’m glad I waited, though, because these cobalt pumps purchased this year really complete the look.

Pardon the implementation of the pea coat; it was 60 degrees with a wind chill factor that made it feel ten degrees cooler than that during this photo shoot. I threw it on in between shots to urge some warmth into my bones then realized it had a Jack Harkness vibe to it. Plus, it’s blue. Can you blame me for making it part of my TARDIS-influenced ensemble?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Ellen Tracy @ eBay
PumpsJanine @ Payless
Coat – Old Navy

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WIT :: of being verklempt and rediscovering old friends

Still overcome by the awesomeness that was The Day of the Doctor.

Had forgotten how all-consuming, how positively breath-taking a Moffat-written Doctor Who episode could be. Am reeling and may need a few days of recovery. So much for grading 15 essays every day of my break. I doubt I can concentrate on something so mundane/pedestrian/real while I’m still in the throes of Who magic.

Tennant. Smith. Hurt. Wowza!

Can’t wait for Christmas. I’m telling you now: I’m gonna sob – great big heaving sobs – when we bid adieu to Matt Smith.

Kinda incoherent right now so will stop here. Have a week in review, why doncha?

november 24

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5 Things :: of DOCTOR WHO!!!

Yep, I’m deviating from protocol because today is

The Day of the Doctor


And if you think I’d miss out on celebrating this, you don’t know me very well.

Here, then, in no particular order, are my top 5 choices of best Nu Who episodes. These are my personal choices but I totally agree with Audrey Fox‘s opinions and she articulates so much better than I could, so I’m linking her articles and giving credit where credit is due.

  1. Blink
  2. The Girl in the Fireplace
  3. Vincent and the Doctor
  4. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
  5. Midnight

And now, allons-y! I may be too old to drive and see it in a theatre, but I’ve got a date with  BBC America and my 60-inch flat screen at 11:50. Come join me. I’ll be the geek wearing the bow tie and clutching my sonic screwdriver.

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