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5 Things :: what to do with leftover turkey

I hope you all enjoyed this week as much as I did. Although it wasn’t all that innovative or editorial sartorially, it did encourage fellow Whovians to come out of the woodwork, and hopefully it inspired non-Whovians to give the show a go.

In other news, let’s not forget that this past week was my Thanksgiving break (eclipsed, I know, by my Whofest), and so today, the final day of my sleep-in-till-ten routine, I give you 5 things you can do with leftover turkey.

  1. Turkey sandwiches – Because nothing says supereasymomdoesn’thavetocook like a slab of turkey on bread. Yep, my fam doesn’t do sandwich fixings besides meat and carb. Isn’t that awesome?
  2. Turkey stock – I managed to salvage the bones from the trash heap in time this year because I was queen of my kitchen. I threw the skeletal remains in a crockpot, set it to low and  left it alone all night. The broth was perfect the next day for…
  3. Turkey Tortilla soup – It started with this hilarious post that I found when I was searching for “what to do with turkey broth”. But I didn’t have half the ingredients and didn’t feel like going to the store, so my version is stripped to the bare bones (i.e. store-bought tortilla chips, sans cilantro, salsa verde rather than cayenne pepper or chile powder). It was still rockin’, though. So much so that the fam asked me to make a bigger batch so they can eat on it all week. Score!
  4. Turkey and Potato pie – Haven’t tried this one yet but it intrigues me because it gets rid of two leftover items in one shot, and I made a buttload of mashed potatoes. Plus, it’s Oprah. The woman can’t do wrong in my eyes.
  5. Turkey fried rice – C’mon! You knew this was coming! I am Filipino after all! Mwahahahaha! Just don’t foget the oyster sauce – it’s what gives this dish the ultimate je ne sais quoi factor.
week in review

The week in review. Allons-y!

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