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OOTD :: of the perfect Fair Isle

december 4

december 4

december 4

I own a sweater that my fashion-impaired husband claims is his favorite.

It’s a light, grey mock turtleneck from Old Navy eons older than this one, with the perfect (read: not Griswold obnoxious) Fair Isle pattern. I wore the heck out of that sweater – it’s in every picture I deigned to be in from 1996-2000. I think I have honeymoon photos with me in it even. (These pics were taken pre-digital age and I have no easy access to them, so you will not have to be exposed to pre-fashion conscious moi. Lucky you!)

Predictably, hubby’s fave sweater is now showing its age. The seams are wearing thin and there are little holes in inconspicuous but concerning areas. I knew I had to retire it and find its replacement, and although that made me sad, the anticipation of a shopping quest left me slavering at the mouth.

Several weeks and hundreds of online sites later, however, I was at the brink of surrender. I simply couldn’t find a sweater that fit the bill. Granted, I had high expectations. Barring the sentimental value of the one to be replaced, the new one had to be a. lightweight, b. machine washable, c. non-Griswoldy, and d. in a color palette that went with everything. No trendy items need apply.

I’m still on the fence with this one, then. It’s not lightweight – I predict I’ll be sweltering in it by day’s end. It’s machine washable but in the delicate cycle and I know I have to lay it out to dry. It’s non-Griswoldy but the pattern extends across to the sleeves, augmenting my already broad, linebacker shoulders. The only thing it complies with is its color palette, although winter white is a little more challenging than a true neutral like grey.

You’d think, with this laundry list of nays, that I’d just have returned it and continued the quest. But I’ve already yanked the tags off and am obviously wearing it, so I guess I’m gonna have to learn to love it.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Sweater – F21
Jeans – F21 (in different colors)
Boots – F21 (similar)
Scarf – eBay (similar)

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