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OOTD :: of TARDIS blue…erm, cobalt

december 13

december 13

december 13

I am not allowed to talk about Doctor Who anymore.

Or make mention of any blue remotely its same shade as “TARDIS blue”.

So says my intrepid TA. But I was never one for mandates, so here I am, shouting from the rooftops my latest obsession with TARDIS BLUE!!! And it’s not just because I’m coming down from the high of the 50th Anniversary Special Movie or my Doctor Who-themed fashion week. I’ve really truly fallen in love with the color.

If it makes Sarah Solar happy, I can call it by its fashionista name: cobalt. I know cobalt’s been around the blogosphere forever and was actually one of the top colors of 2013 amongst those in the know, but I’ve only ever just admired it from afar, thinking it the purview of BFF with her fair coloring and blue, blue eyes. It’s a jewel tone, sure, and I knew I could rock it but honestly, I stayed away because I didn’t know how to style it without either looking like a bruise (black and blue, anyone?) or a walking 4th of July poster (hurray for the red, white and blue).

I’ve since realized, however, that when in doubt, just pair it with denim. Which is what I did today. Denim solves a multitude of problems and hides a multitude of sins, especially when it’s in the form of a comfy pair of perfect boyfriend jeans. Denim is so magical, in fact, that I didn’t even blink twice throwing on a black leather jacket, being reminiscent of an aforementioned bruise notwithstanding.

Too bad we’re supposed to take a mandatory staff holiday picture today and we’re to dress festively. I’m claiming “Blue Christmas” and calling it done. What say you?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Jacket – H&M (similar)
Top – Threadless
Sweater – Isaac Mizrahi for Target (similar)
Jeans – Aeropostale
PumpsJanine @ Payless

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