OOTD :: of glitz, cobalt and visible all over

december 16

december 16

december 16

This week’s theme is borne of the fluctuating weather predicted this week.

What else is new, eh?

We’re to start off in the low 80s then gradually make our way down to the upper 50s by Friday, so if the weatherman is to be believed, I couldn’t go through with Fabulously Furry like I’d intended. Which sucks since I didn’t have time to come up with a thoughtful replacement, what with being busy over the weekend with a company Christmas party (husband’s), a fever of 101 (daughter’s) and last-minute shopping for a birthday present (mom’s).

So, my friends, this week you get a hasty, haphazard hodgepodge of outfits that are all loosely tied together by what I’m calling Gloriously Glam.

Because what can be more glam than sequins and sparkles and bright, shiny things? Recently, I’ve been seduced by the embellished sweatshirt/sweater trend and I kinda went ballistic on purchases. You’ll see most of them showcased this week for sure, but since today is the warmest day, I give you an embellished tank instead.

Story of this tank: I bought its sweater counterpart because I fell in love with both the color (the perfect pink – not too Pepto, not too ballerina) and the neckline (the jewels are super classy). Sadly, I underestimated my boobs again and the medium just wasn’t cutting it. I went to exchange it for a larger size (yes, the brick and mortar store. I know, right?) but they had none in stock, and I was all set to go home and repurchase online when I spied this number. For some reason, this in a medium works well when the sweater in the medium did not, so it promptly came home with me, sweater forgotten.

And because today is Visible Monday, I paired it with a very in-your-face printed pencil skirt and picked up the blue in said skirt with my favorite cardi. I was gonna do a nude pump, but then I read this article on visual grouping and chose the blue pump instead. I mean, why the heck not? It’s Visible Monday!

You know, in retrospect, this week’s theme is quite apropos after all: it is the last week of work before we break for our two-week Christmas festivities. Ah, glorious and glam indeed!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Cardi – Modcloth
Top – ELLE @ Kohl’s
Skirt – Merona @ Target
PumpsJanine @ Payless

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12 thoughts on “OOTD :: of glitz, cobalt and visible all over

  1. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Very pretty impromptu outfit! Lovely neck line, and gorgeous skirt. Is that a Tardis blue cardi? Festive and fun. Cute child as accessory. Yours? Enjoy your holiday parties!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ahahahaha! You said it, not me! But yes, I do believe it’s TARDIS blue. ;p The child is mine; he’s formed a fondness for photobombing. Lucky me, eh? I will definitely enjoy my parties – fun and food for all!

  2. charlotte says:

    Terrific outfit….you do it justice!!! Posing hint from a photographer friend of mine: keep your feet less pointed to side …..know you want us to see fab (and they are FAB) shoes, but one shot will do. Rest should just be about how great YOU look in whole outfit!! Keep going!!!

  3. Love the cobalt shoes – why not! Thanks for the link too.

  4. Glitzy and glam, yet perfect for real life – you look fab and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  5. You look great!
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