HGB :: Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base


I never would’ve bought this product on my own.

A) Because it’s pretty pricey and b) because I’d never even heard of mascara base, let alone know which brand offered it. But it was tax-free weekend in Massachusetts and KS#1 swore by it and then she made me try it and then I got hooked and so voilà!

A sucker is born every minute.

According to the Sephora site, this product is a “prep step that intensifies the effect and finish of your mascara. It enhances the volume, length, and curl of every lash.” Now, I’m not one to sit and scrutinize a part of my body that’s covered up by my glasses 90% of the time. But recently, I’ve found that I do take my specs off when I need to see something up close, which happens often in my line of work. (Essay grading, anyone?) And I’ve also found that curling and pampering one’s lashes do open up your face and make you look fresher and more wide awake. So I needed to pay closer attention to them after all.

Of course, being an eyelash care neophyte, I thought all I needed was a great curler and a decent mascara. How wrong I was! On a good day, my lashes ended up clumping by day’s end. On a bad day, my lashes ended up clumping and uncurling by day’s end.

No bueno.

The Shiseido Nourishing Base helps eliminate both problems. It helps my drugstore brand mascara apply sans clump and it keeps my lashes curled and cute until I wash my face a good 12 hours after application. It is the bomb diggedy of makeup products. I will never doubt KS#1 again.


One thought on “HGB :: Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base

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