Daily Archives: December 29, 2013

5 Things :: what a mom wants


So my friend JMC threw down the gauntlet at our last GNO: she challenged me to do a themed week centered around the concept of the stay-at-home mom.

I was immediately intrigued. How would my life – and therefore my closet – change if I gave up working? Would it be a gradual process or a sudden shift in fashion paradigms? Would I skew over-dressed mama or go the other route and be perpetually casual?

The more I pondered, the more obfuscated I became. So I asked JMC for guidance and she gave me this:

Well, when you’re an at home mom you’re at home a lot and just going to places like stores, your kids’ school to volunteer, the park. You clean house, and cook, help the kids with homework and piano. So the thing is that you go to different environments to do different things. If I go to the school to volunteer, I’m not going to change when I get home so that I can clean and cook. It has to work with both. I end up wearing jeans every.single.damn.day. It’s the easiest thing and I can do all of the above activities in jeans. I always wear “sensible” shoes. I’m a really boring dresser…I would say as a mom I have to stay away from black because cat hair is too noticeable on black. I also stay away from nice fabrics. Cotton is good.

At first, this confused me even more, but then I decided to do the English major thing and deconstruct the text. What I came up with is this: SAHMs want outfits that

  1. are comfortable
  2. are versatile
  3. can do double duty for both at-home and run-around duties
  4. are not black
  5. are not nice fabrics (which I’m going to interpret as any fabric that requires more than the regular cycle in both washer and dryer)

I also think there’s an underlying plea in the text as well: SAHMs want all of the above, but they also want to look good. Dressing fashionably and SAH mommyhood should not be mutually exclusive. And it shouldn’t matter whether you’re a new young mom of toddlers who can still fondly remember her Forever 21 days or a veteran mom of tweens heading into menopause; we’re all still women and we want to celebrate that. Right?

This week, then, while I’m still on break and have therefore donned my stay-at-home mommy hat, I give you The Physics of Motherhood. I’ll attempt to take an outfit and show you how it can be worn at rest and in motion, so to speak. And in the process, I hope to prove that SAHMs are far from frumpy and can in fact be fabulously fashionable.