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WIT :: of the 40 + Style New Year Style Challenge

I don’t even remember how I found this.

Perhaps my new friend Jan at Fort Smith Stylista turned me on to it? If so, then super kudos to her because I am having such fun! I’m talking about the 40+ Style New Year Style Challenge, of course. Sylvia is hosting it and it is by far the most thoughtful, informative, and helpful blog event I’ve had the privilege of being part of yet.

Not only does Sylvia write relevant and specific information regarding the day’s style challenge before she throws down the gauntlet, she also leaves plenty of supportive feedback to all participants. You can tell that she carefully reads and monitors the activity on her blog and also on the Pinterest and Polyvore boards she encourages all of us to do. And the best part is that she gives us the weekends off, which is why I can legitimately cease and desist and write this post wihtout having to post date or back date anything.


Also, I’ve met some really lovely people doing this. Granted, I’m just a lurker; I’m pretty busy updating my blog and doing the challenges after all. But reading other women’s responses validates my own and makes me feel even that much more happy and proud to be the age I am. Forty is the new thirty!

The only downside to my participation in this event is that Sylvia doesn’t post the challenge until midnight the day of, which means I can’t work my themes around them. So I’m going to continue to create my week’s outfits independent of the challenge, but I may just insert little tidbits of what I’m doing in the text of my posts.

If you’re interested/intrigued/piqued at all, come have a look-see at my Pinterest board. For now, I leave you with a fun Polyvore set I created to showcase my version of the 10-item capsule wardrobe. Happy weekend!

capsule wardrobe

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