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5 Things :: what I ponder

When I put on my face every morning, I fall into some sort of trance.

After all, I’ve now perfected my morning regimen and muscle memory allows me to go into auto pilot. So, while Pandora blares Pink or Darius Rucker or Colin Hay, my mind wanders even as my hand applies the magic.

And boy, does it wander into the strangest territories! A few of the musings were a bit too esoteric for this particular audience, and a few I’m reserving to expand and make legit blog posts of their own. But there were a few that were whimsical enough and appropriate enough for me to share with you, my friends.

Here, then, are the 5 random things I was thinking about last week (I wrote them down as I thought them so I wouldn’t forget):

  1. Why is it that I can apply liner in a perfect cat’s eye and curl my lashes evenly and equally for my left eye but not on my right? And I’m right-handed!
  2. Fat or wrinkly? Which is the lesser of two evils?  Because I can either attempt to lose weight aggressively but end up accentuating 40+ year-old wrinkly skin in the process, or I can maintain my current state and allow the blubber to pad/fill out the fine lines.
  3. Wigs – will they ever go back to being a socially acceptable fashion accessory? Or are they forever permanently relegated to bald people or the elderly? Because sometimes I feel like sporting a chin-length bob and other times I want mermaid hair.
  4. I’ve noticed a preponderance of my followers/readers/viewers are from England. Is this because my blog name is spelled the British way?
  5. I’m despairing that our school will ever get carpet so I wonder if my cobbler can successfully cut off three inches from all my stilettos so I can wear them to work without hobbling myself.

Week in review – Denim on denim is not a pattern, but it was my fave look of the lot.

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