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OOTD :: of fishnets and neckties




So I tried to cheat the magic hour and started my photo shoot at 9am instead of 10. As you can see, the results were not ideal.


My husband says when I get 500K followers and they each contribute a dollar for the privilege of reading my blog, then he’ll build me a light studio. Needless to say, you all are just gonna have to bear with my shoddy lighting.

Which is unfortunate because I really wanted to show off the glory that are these tights. They’re faux fishnets and I love them to pieces! This is what happens when Jan @ Fort Smith Stylista posts a fab pair of her own blue tights and, being the OCD gal that I am, I proceeded to scour the internet for a similar pair. No luck on the argyle, but boy howdy do I adore my fishnets!

Of course, now that I’ve waxed ecstatic about my legwear, I’m gonna throw you for a loop and reveal this week’s theme. Not leg-related at all. Rather, my intrepid TA suggested it and so I give you, my friends: Fit To Be Tied.

No, no, I’m not angry or agitated. More like I’m going to incorporate some sort of tie/bow/knot into my ensembles all week. The idea was borne of my mentioning to my TA the best compliment ever that I received last Friday: one of my students said I reminded her of the 10th Doctor (because I was wearing this). I jokingly said it’s too bad I wasn’t in full 10 regalia, and my TA said why not do a tie week and thus, a star is born. So to speak.

For Visible Monday, then, I flaunt my gams in a pair of faboo tights and up the ante with my fave Vivienne Westwood tie. I was gonna blue it all up with a cobalt blazer but my precocious daughter said it was too in-your-face, and I did want the focus to be more on the fact that I’m wearing a tie than that I’m sporting vibrant blue, so camel cardi it is.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Merona (old)
Cardi – Old Navy
TieVivienne Westwood
Tights – HUE
Boots – Steve Madden

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