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OOTD :: of maybe purples, maybe blues




This was a fun surprise purchase.

I was at jcp, returning a plaid skirt – one of the many I’ve purchased this month and have since returned – when the sale rack at the Joe Fresh area called out to me. I’m currently smitten with cobalt and need to build my cobalt wardrobe, so this dress immediately caught my eye.

Some might quibble that it’s not really cobalt – it’s borderline purple, I admit – but when you pair it with a definitely cobalt shoe, then it passes muster. I deliberately added the gold accessories because it makes everything pop even more.

Again, I toyed with throwing on a blue blazer but ma fille précoce was quick to ixnay that idea. I have trained that girl well, I tell ya, because rethinking the blue blazer allowed me to pull out this white number that has not seen the light of day since I bought it two seasons ago.

I might be angering the rest of the country with this spring-ready ensemble; will it help if I tell you that the sun went away at this point and it got a bit chilly – 63ºF, to be exact? Okay, shutting up now…

Some of you may be wondering where the tie is in this outfit. It’s actually a hair bow clipping back my hair, a present from my intrepid TA. Is it cheating? Perhaps. But I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress  – Joe Fresh
Blazer – Nordstrom Rack
PumpsJanine @ Payless
Hair bow – F21

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