HGB :: Garnier Surf Hair Texture Paste

garnierSometimes, a girl’s just gotta get dirty.

Dirty hair, that is.

You know what I’m talking about, right, ladies? It’s not a matter of lack of hygiene. It’s when you actually managed to style your hair perfectly that day and it stayed and you throw on a shower cap when you get in the shower to protect the perfection so you get to take advantage of it for at least one more day.

Or when you know the style you’re attempting won’t work if your hair is clean and shiny, when a little bit of natural oil is a must to create the perfect bun.

Oh, is that just me? Eheh.

Well, if you must know, I’m a night shower person. And sure, sometimes I skip the ‘poo because of the above reasons. But then there’ll be the time when I did wash my hair the night before but I’ll wake up and realize I needed just a little bit of dirt and stiffness to complete my planned ‘do for the day. What’s a gal to do?

Garnier Surf Hair Texture Paste to the rescue!

This stuff is golden, my friends. And a little goes a long way. When they say dime-sized, they mean dime-sized. I put a dollop in my hands, rub to activate, then just scrunch it into my hair et voilà! Instant styleable, manageable dirty hair. That doesn’t look stiff. Or feel stiff. And it smells fantastic. What else could you ask for?


2 thoughts on “HGB :: Garnier Surf Hair Texture Paste

  1. Val Sparkle says:

    I need this! I’ve been using the same stuff for years, but my hair is not doing what it’s supposed to lately – too short, wacky cut. I never even thought to try some different “product” but I will now. Thanks for the tip!

    • mtsedwards says:

      My pleasure! I’m all about sharing the wealth, especially when the wealth is so effective and so reasonably priced! Be warned, though – this stuff feels super sticky on your hands so apply immediately once you do the initial palm rub.

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