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5 Things :: what I’m attempting

I must be getting old.

Because the idea of spontaneity – that bastion of youth and where I used to live happily and proudly – now sets my teeth on edge. I want order. I want a plan. I want a road map.

To that end, then, I’m gonna try a thing. I’ll pilot it this upcoming week but if it proves more trouble than it’s worth, then I reserve the right to recant. You see, I feel that setting a weekly theme isn’t enough structure for me. I need more specificity. Joining style challenges and contests helps, but aside from when Kendall at Style Up offered to send me my weather and outfit updates in advance for the week when she featured me on her blog, I just can’t rely on them, especially since I do all my photos in one shot over the weekend.

Therefore, on top of giving myself a theme a week, I’m also giving myself daily parameters. Here are my ideas:

  1. Visible Mondays – Started by Patti @ Not Dead Yet, the idea is to “post an outfit, accessory, lipstick color, hairstyle, etc., that expresses our Joy of Being (Physically) Visible”. She sometimes skips Mondays, but even if I don’t link to her, I’d still like to celebrate the beginning of my work week by wearing something vavoom-y.
  2. TARDIS Tuesdays – Yeah, you had to know that was coming. I’m thinking this is the one that’ll change first if I do indeed continue with these daily parameters, because after all, how long can my obsession last? But for now, I plan to incorporate some sort of blue and/or Doctor Who-inspired item in every Tuesday ensemble.
  3. Wordless Wednesdays – Thanks to Lisa @ Respect the Shoes, this really isn’t all about creating an outfit for the day but more like relegating the outfit about which I have the least to say to this day.
  4. Thrifted Thursdays – Not that I go thrifting as often as I should, but I do eBay a lot, which is like digital thrifting, right?! Or I suppose one could count an item that was a real steal? On this day, then, I plan to wear something purchased on eBay and/or thrift stores and/or something I found for an uh-mazing price.
  5. Fancy Fridays/TGIFridays – Depending on my mood, I’ll either wear an outfit that’s super cas or super dressed up. But the focus of this day, it being Friday and all, will be comfort above all else.

So what say you, my friends? Think it’ll work? Got any other suggestions for any of the days? Advice? Caveats?


Week in review – tie it up!


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