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After a week of feminine prettiness in skirts and heels, my yang is totally out of alignment with my yin. What better way to get it all back in harmony than with a week of menswear inspired fashion?


Annie Hall is a bit before my time, but I’m very much aware of Diane Keaton’s famous aesthetic. It’s similar to Kate Hepburn’s (another one of my style icons), with trousers, collared shirts and blazers being pretty much de rigueur when emulating this style. I used to sport this look almost exclusively about five years or so ago, back when I still carried my post-pregnancy belly and had no interest/plans to lose it.

Then came a bout of portion controlling and inadvertent lifestyle changing, and I dropped two dress sizes, rediscovering the fun of dressing a newly-svelte bod. Out went my oversized and relaxed wardrobe, and in came skinny jeans and bodycon pencil skirts. I reveled in being a girl to the nth degree which meant my Docs and ties gathered dust in the depths of my closet.

Recently, though, I feel my 40+ body rebelling against the strain. It’s work being a girl, I’ve found. The heels notwithstanding, there’s the confining foundations to keep the silhouette sleek, the unrelenting sucking in so I feel like I’m in constant standing plank position all day, the ladylike crossing of the legs to make sure my privates are kept private, the perfect posture to keep from wrinkling.

Sigh. Sometimes, a gal just wants to let it all go. I want to slouch and slump and sit crisscross applesauce. I want to hide my belly under multiple layers. I want to be able to literally kick my feet up during SSR. So I’m resuscitating my collared shirts and trousers; I’m dusting off my Docs and ties. And I’m gonna channel my inner dude for four glorious days.

Now Visible Monday is on its off week, which is actually perfect because it coincides with the MLK holiday. I’m spending my break in sweats and a tee, so no OOTD today. Rather, how about a series of collages and images fresh from Pinterest to inspire you? Perhaps you’ll want to join me this week with menswear-esque outfits of your own.

Welcome to An Ode to Kate and Keaton week.









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13 thoughts on “WIT :: of menswear inspired

  1. Chiming in here with my love for Annie Hall. I remember hitting the thrift store buying up old men’s clothing and wearing my ensembles to high school. Yep, I’m that old! My Mom was probably either mortified or secretly impressed with having a daughter so radical. Remember, back then, thrift shopping was not cool!

    Enjoying checking out your posts Maricel!

    • mtsedwards says:

      As am I, Sue. Checking out your posts, that is. You must tell me your secret – how do you get your pictures so crisp and clear? It’s the camera, isn’t it? My lowly smartphone doesn’t stand a chance. Perhaps I should consider investing in a good camera for my birthday…

      Heh. I was queen of thrifting in high school too but in the 80s – when Pretty in Pink came on the scene – it was actually cool to thrift. 😀

      • Hey Maricel, It may very well be the camera. We have a fairly good one. I do, however, edit my photos in Picasa3. I will adjust the light and the shadow and brightness, and also sharpen the photo. Maybe give it a try with your photos taken with your phone.

        • mtsedwards says:

          I do play aorund in Photoshop and do the best I can without completely revamping the photo. I guess if this blog thing really pans out, I may just cave and buy the camera.

  2. dapperdolly says:

    This is awesome, I saw some photos of a woman on instagram I think it was who dresses dapper all the time and wow she’s very sleek and well tailored. I like the photos of the more casual side as well though that you’ve posted as those are easier to put together, more budget friendly and a lot more comfortable.

    One of my all time favourite looks on a woman in the tuxedo, feminized with various cuts, fits and styles even just tuxedo pieces like a dress, just the great pants etc. Overall it’s smart and sleek on men but taken to a whole new level on women. I look forward to this week’s photos of you!

  3. Val S. says:

    Crisscross applesauce? LOL!

    I like your theory about balancing yin and yang in dressing. That would make a good framework for clothes during the week. And since you asked about link-ups, there’s Searching the Inner Me who does a link-up each weekend. Mis Papelicos does Share In Style, I think once a month, with prompts. Then there’s Hat Attack at Style Crone on the first on the month, and Shoe Shine at The Citizen Rosebud on the second Tuesday each month. If you want to find more link-ups, check out Fur Earwig. The blogger, Charlie, links up every day to various blogs. She probably knows them all!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ahahaha! I was just composing my weekend posts with link ups as the topic. Thanks for this list, Val! I plan to participate in most, if not all, of them. And to top it off, I’m hosting one of my own. It’s pretty specific, though, so I dunno if anyone will join in, but I’d appreciate it if you could spread the word. Just click on my new page link up top called “introducing T3” whenever you get a mo’.

  4. This is probably a mission impossible for me, but recently I have decided I want a pair of high-rise wide-leg trousers – ones that wouldn’t make stumpy me look stumpier. I got the idea from watching Rachel McAdams’ wardrobe from the film “Passion.” Weird film, gorge McAdams’ wardrobe, including impeccabl tailored trousers!

    • mtsedwards says:

      I don’t think it’s mission impossible at all! I think as long as you think about proportion and fit – which you do all the time anyway – you should be able to rock the wide-leg trouser look. That used to be all I wore, btw, and no one ever mentioned my stumpiness. And I’m 5 foot nothing!

  5. jenortega says:

    This will be a fun week; I can’t wait to see what you come up with : )

  6. Inspiring post … I’m here in my jammies and with you in spirit. Diane Keaton is someone whose taste I’ve always admired but never managed to pull off. I’m liking the fairly close fit of current menswear trends, but it’s still comfortable. I really WANT to wear flat oxfords, but even the most delicate of the lot make me look like I’m standing in a hole. Not happening quite yet.

    ( I’m trying to catch up with everyone I really like to read, and will post my own usual Monday blog if and when I get around to it.)

    Have a great, polished tomboy week. You have the panache to pull it off.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, Jan! You’re so silly! I bet you could totally pull off oxfords! And if you really can’t do flats, there are so many cute heeled one out there right now.

      Will await your Monday post with semi-bated breath. (No pressure or anything, which is why I’m only semi bated instead of all the way bated. ;p)

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