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OOTD :: of galaxy prints and super blue




I honestly think I may have gone overboard with the blue today.

Because not only are my pants a dazzlingly super neon, I’m also wearing blue galaxy print sneakers and topping it all off with the blue and gold of my alma mater. I was on the verge of retooling this ensemble but then I started on the collages and the photos came out so brilliantly – the lighting! the poses! the gams on that model! – that I decided to keep the whole thing.

Vive le TARDIS bleu!

I did manage to tame the beast by wearing a sedate black (which unfortunately took me out of the running for the Blackout Challenge that I’d thought to participate in), but all this hue saturation reminded me of the comment I left on the 40+ Style site for the color challenge:

So I was that girl. The one who wore all black. All the time. And I could get away with it because, according to my paid color consultation, I’m a cool winter and black is my signature color. But one day, not too long ago, I got bored with the lack of variety in my closet. So I began a deliberate and aggressive campaign to colorize my wardrobe.

Now I’m proud to say that I have every single color of the rainbow represented in tops, pants, skirts, cardigans, blazers and scarves. Overkill? Perhaps. But I’m loving it! I’ve even conditioned my nine-year-old daughter to recognize and expect the “pop of color” in any ensemble.

This year, my aim is to add more cobalt blue to my closet, primarily because I’m obsessed with Doctor Who and want to incorporate the TARDIS into my outfits without looking too costume-y. ☺

Guess this ensemble proves I’m on my way to fulfilling my goal, eh? So even though I don’t know of any men who would actually wear this outfit so I’m probably pushing my luck with my menswear-inspired theme, at least I’ve succeeded in my first ever TARDIS Tuesday.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Threadless (Stay Golden)
Blazer – H&M

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