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OOTD :: of steals and deals




To be honest, I didn’t intentionally choose this outfit for this day.

I was actually just creating all these menswear-esque looks then photographing them in the order I created them. I told myself I’d rearrange them to fit my daily parameters after all the “heavy lifting” was done. By default, however, this ensemble landed on a Thursday because all the others could only fit one of my specific parameters.

This outfit was the odd man out, but I guess the fashion gods are smiling on me because there’s not just one but two – count them: deux! – items that qualify as “thrifty”. First is the J. Crew button up. Now I’m not one to bandy about the brand names (probably because I don’t own very many of them), but I’m name dropping here because I got this fantastic piece for a mere $15 on eBay when I was on a mad hunt for a tuxedo shirt last year. And for those of you who do follow the higher end stuff, you know this was a steal.

The other item in question are my fave grey skinnies. I love them because they hug all my lovely leg bits in all the proper places without giving me the dreaded muffin. I love them even more because they’re a staple over at F21 which means when this pair has seen its last days, they can be easily replaced. And at the low, low price of $10.80, they just can’t be beat.

I’d say, inadvertent outfit notwithstanding, that Thrifty* Thursday is off to a great start.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – J.Crew @ eBay
Vest – Gap
Bow tie – Amazon
Pocket watch – borrowed from my daughter

*Thrifty rather than thrifted because it gives me more options. Or so says my buddy Selah.

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