OOTD :: of steals and deals




To be honest, I didn’t intentionally choose this outfit for this day.

I was actually just creating all these menswear-esque looks then photographing them in the order I created them. I told myself I’d rearrange them to fit my daily parameters after all the “heavy lifting” was done. By default, however, this ensemble landed on a Thursday because all the others could only fit one of my specific parameters.

This outfit was the odd man out, but I guess the fashion gods are smiling on me because there’s not just one but two – count them: deux! – items that qualify as “thrifty”. First is the J. Crew button up. Now I’m not one to bandy about the brand names (probably because I don’t own very many of them), but I’m name dropping here because I got this fantastic piece for a mere $15 on eBay when I was on a mad hunt for a tuxedo shirt last year. And for those of you who do follow the higher end stuff, you know this was a steal.

The other item in question are my fave grey skinnies. I love them because they hug all my lovely leg bits in all the proper places without giving me the dreaded muffin. I love them even more because they’re a staple over at F21 which means when this pair has seen its last days, they can be easily replaced. And at the low, low price of $10.80, they just can’t be beat.

I’d say, inadvertent outfit notwithstanding, that Thrifty* Thursday is off to a great start.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – J.Crew @ eBay
Vest – Gap
Bow tie – Amazon
Pocket watch – borrowed from my daughter

*Thrifty rather than thrifted because it gives me more options. Or so says my buddy Selah.

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11 thoughts on “OOTD :: of steals and deals

  1. Excellent J Crew score, but for me the bow tie totally steals the show!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ahahaha! I replied to Dolly (see below) before I saw and approved your comment, Sue. Yes, I’m in lurve with bow ties, but I guess with the exponential increase in popularity of Doctor Who in the U.S., they’re not as unique as they used to be and warrant less attention than pocket watches. ;p

  2. Very cute! I love my grey skinnies too, although they weren’t that great of a deal. I’ve never bought anything from Forever 21. I should remedy that. Out of curiosity – why does your daughter own a pocket watch?

    • mtsedwards says:

      Because that was the souvenir I convinced her to get (over a Hello Kitty plushie that could’ve been got anywhere) when we visited my sister in Boston a couple years ago.

    • mtsedwards says:

      And yes, you must shop at F21. Disposable fashion? Sure. Amazing variety at amazing prices? Yeppers. (But please don’t talk to me about social conscience and shopping; I’m playing ostrich until my husband gets a raise and I can even consider buying quality over quantity).

      • I just told you the other day that I mainly shop at Target & Old Navy. I’m not going to give you any grief about Forever 21. ;P
        That being said, I checked out the website, and didn’t find anything I want right now. Their straight sizes only go to Large, so I’m stuck with their + line, and the selection is much more limited. Oh well.

      • dapperdolly says:

        Disposable fashion can last a heck of a long time :-D, the vast majority of mine always stays in good condition until they pass out of my hands. Plus most brand names and high fashion labels aren’t that higher in quality (I can see the same things repackaged from market stalls to high end department stores) or fair trade, just marked up.

  3. dapperdolly says:

    Lovely outfit, and the thrifted items were totally bargains – gotta love that 😀

    • mtsedwards says:

      The pocket watch garners more attention than the tie – can you believe? I guess watches are going the way of the dodo what with smartphones and all. Ah, the decline of a genteel society…

      • dapperdolly says:

        I believe it, I stopped wearing a watch when I went to uni as I’d gotten a phone and there are clocks everywhere (plus at one point I could tell the time down to the hour and quarter by looking at the sky lol when it wasn’t cloudy). That said pocket watches have been an elegant accessory and point of interest in an outfit for a while now – not everyone can pull them off but you do of course 🙂

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