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5 Things :: what I snack on

Let’s face it: I am not the healthiest of people.

One of the things that all health gurus talk about not doing if you want to lose weight is my kryptonite. I’m talking about late-night snacking, folks.

Yes, I know I’m not supposed to eat anything after [insert evening hour du jour here]. Yes, I know that staying up late promotes mindless grazing. But you know what? I’m a night owl. And my staying up late is my time. No work. No husband. No kids. My time.

And if I choose to grab some good eats to make that tv show/book/website a more interactive and sensory experience, then gosh darn it! I’m only human. Don’t judge me.

Here, then, are my top five snack faves that I try to keep stocked in the pantry at all times.

  1. Froot Loops – possibly the best sugary cereal on the market. They’re round. They’re colorful. They in no way resemble fruit in taste or texture or ingredients. I love them.
  2. Cheese balls – preferably the ones from Target that come in the big tub. Because then you can justify finishing the entire tub in one sitting by telling your family that we needed another container for flour.
  3. Ice cream – any flavor, any time. This just goes without saying, doesn’t it?
  4. Mexican candy – I talk all about it here.
  5. String cheese – because a gal can’t live on junk alone. Whenever I’m feeling snacky and virtuous at the same time, this is what I grab. Coupled with huge swigs of water, a stick of cheese really does satisfy the growly stomach. Trust.

Week in review – borrowed from the boys indeed!

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