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WIT :: linking up and loving it


I’m still not doing it.

I still have no intention of monetizing my blog or attempting to create a revenue stream from it. That sort of goal sucks the joy out of blogging, I’m thinking. But I am discovering the joys of networking and the brief flickers of fame which are the results of such exposure. I’m not denying that.

I’ve never been a part of a sorority. Growing up with three sisters and myriad girl cousins, I never felt the urge to expand my circle of sisterhood. In high school, I was proud to be “one of the guys” and the majority of my close friends weren’t part of the distaff side of the gender spectrum. In college, I eschewed dorm life and got a flat on my own so never experienced the bonding that living on campus usually produces. And as an adult in academia, I have few opportunities to gossip and giggle  and gab about all things girly and fashion-related. (The intelligentsia don’t look kindly on such frivolous concerns).

Blogging, then, has filled a void in my life I’d previously not known existed. After having lurked on multiple style blogs, I’ve discovered that I am not alone in my pursuit of sartorial splendor. That it’s okay to love to dress up in my middle years. That intelligent, professional women don’t denigrate fashion at all; they actually revel in it.

I’ve also realized that the concept of the link up is not as narcissistic or self-aggrandizing as I’d originally thought. It’s really just a vehicle with which to share and be a part of style inspiration. Linking up has introduced me to women of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities and I think them all beautiful and amazing. Below are the regular link ups in which I am participating/plan to participate:

I like the routine of regular link ups, which is why I haven’t gotten involved in one-time affairs like closet remixes and such (although I love lurking on blogs of those who do these), but never say never, right? I wouldn’t put it past me to eventually jump on that bandwagon since I’ve gotten a bit addicted to link ups. So much so, in fact, that I want to give back and do one of my own.

If you love to read AND you love to interpret AND you love to vamp it up in front of the camera, then you should probably check out Thoughtful Third Thursdays, set to launch on February 20. I look forward to seeing you then!

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