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5 Things :: what spirit is made of

So it’s that time of the year once again, my friends. That time when I eschew my style dictates and allow myself to be led down the primrose path to potential sartorial faux pas.

I’m talking about Spirit Week, of course.

Sure, it only happens once every two months or so. And sure, I usually go gangbusters on the first one then taper off my enthusiasm to the point of non-participation by May. But this time around, the second Spirit Week of the school year, I’ve chosen to rise to the challenge and try to match my daily blog parameters to the school’s chosen theme days. And I’m also going to attempt to continue joining in on my regularly scheduled link ups.

It’s gonna be bonkers, folks. Is it any wonder that I’ve decided to give myself a break from my weekly theme and just roll with what’s on hand?

And because I’m totally OCD an inveterate planner, I’ve created a visual plan of attack/calendar for myself. I present to you, then, my 5 style challenges in this order: Spirit Day, MCC daily theme, link up (if at all).

1. Monday – Pajama Day, Visible Monday*, Short over Long theme at 52 Pick-me-up

2. Tuesday – Celebrity Day, TARDIS Tuesday, Très Chic Style Bits

3. Wednesday – Winter Wonderland Day, Wordless Wednesday, WIWW

4. Thursday – Crazy Socks Day, Thrifted Thursday, Hat Attack

5. Friday – Class Color Day, Fancy Friday*

*represents both MCC daily theme and link up

Wish me luck, my friends. I think I’m gonna need it.


Week in review – plaid ftw!

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