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OOTD :: of Celebrity Day and inanimate stars




Did you really think I would’ve passed this up?

I mean, c’mon! It’s TARDIS Tuesday and Celebrity Day? What bigger celebrity could there possibly be than the Time And Relative Dimension In Space herself?!

Sure, I could’ve dressed up as one of the incarnations of the Doctor, but been there done that, and quite recently too, as a matter of fact. Plus, I really needed an excuse to wear my new TARDIS dress. I’m particularly proud of it because I managed to score the non-bodycon version which I’ve discovered is exceedingly rare (most iterations out there are painfully body-hugging and definitely age inappropriate).

It was actually the last one for sale at the time and I had to get a size larger than normal which ended up working out alright in the end because the excess fabric and roominess allowed me to do the whole button-up-shirt-under-dress thing. (Hey, would this count as short over long?)

I do feel a bit Alice in Wonderland-y with the white shirt, but I’m hoping donning the tie helps inject a bit of the masculine into the ensemble. I also opted for my galaxy wanna-be Chucks over booties to maintain the cheeky playfulness of it all.

Some will call this a stretch and cry foul if I’m counted for the day (we get participation points and the class that gets the most points wins a pizza party at the end), but I’m going to insist. I think this shows a helluva lot more effort and thought than simply throwing on a pair of sunnies and pretending to be a generic celebrity incognito, don’t you?

::  Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Amazon
Button up – CHAPS
Tie – eBay
Tights – HUE
Shoes – F21

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